What if you had the power to end feelings of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, the pain of grief, and other traumatic memories?

Learn How to Use THC Properly – Thousands of people suffering from many types of emotional pain have benefited by learning and using The Happiness Code (THC). This 3 hour seminar explains the new science of fear release. Dr. Laundre personally demonstrates how to get the best results.
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The Basics explains how our emotional reactivity is tied to invisible self-limiting conflicts within. That’s why we get angry, frustrated, afraid, and stressful. Learn the science behind THC so that synaptic response in the brain is regulated without drugs.


Comprehensive Use advances you beyond the fundamentals and explains how to get control over panic attacks, anger, anxiety, grief or lost love, addiction, depression, and more. You are introduced to the “De-Junkification” process, Dr Laundre’s breakthrough method to bring you a happier, more productive life!
Advanced Topics explains many of the inhibitors that interfere with THC success. Hydration, toxins, energy reversal, the unique collarbone breathing exercise, short-cut instant relief secrets, and core emotional issues are discussed. Understand the amazing connection between physical pain and emotional health.

Product Offerings

Workshop 1 - Basic
Workshop 2 - Comprehensive
Workshop 3 - Advanced
Combo Workshops 1-2-3
Happiness Code Book
THC Study Group Kit
The Happiness Code Algorithm (Free)