Better Than Drugs

It’s the era of ignorance!

What many of those you entrust with your emotional health don’t want you to know!

Prescription DrugsAccording to recent government report*, between 2002 and 2005, the number of antidepressant prescriptions filled in the U.S., not counting refills, rose from 154 million to 170 million. And get this, only 29% of those prescriptions were written by psychiatrists. That means that 71% were written by doctors, physician’s assistants, or nurse practitioners with little or no training dealing with brain chemistry and the human mind. To me, that’s like letting the local butcher do brain surgery.

Not only are the patients ignorant of the possible devastating side effects and dependant qualities of these drugs, but so are those that prescribe them. Is it that they don’t want to know or just don’t care?

The drug companies have taken advantage of the rampant victim mentality in this country that wants to blame their problems on everyone and everything except their own perceptions and behavior. It is this way of thinking that has created and perpetuated the, “just give me a pill and my troubles will be over”, thinking that permeates our society.

Drug companies would like you to believe that just feeling sad about something is depression. And being nervous about an up coming job interview or taking a test is a form of chronic anxiety. They certainly don’t want you to know about the new fast and exciting ways to dissolve any emotional upset including real depression, post-traumatic stress, anger and even chronic anxiety without drugs or long term therapy. Vast public knowledge of how easy and effective these new techniques are would cost the drug and medical industries billions and billions of dollars.

Prescription DrugsI have been a behavioral therapist for almost 35 years now and I have used and refined these techniques with incredible success for the last 15 of those years. I have written two books about the development and use of these miraculous techniques “How to expand Your Comfort Zone” and my latest “The Happiness Code” (the amazing new science of creating our ultimate emotional comfort zone).

The technique basically uses specific energy meridians of the human body (the computer keyboard of the emotional system) to turn off the alarm signals attached to specific thought patterns in the brain. It’s as simple as taking a moment to think about what bothers you (bringing up the program), hitting the keys in the right order or code sequence, and the program is changed. Result? No more upset and in most cases with lasting results. It’s so easy I can teach the basics to a 5 year old in just minutes. A full blown phobia can be cured, that’s right I said, ”cured” in anywhere from one to ten minutes depending on whether it is trauma based or not. The success rate is staggering, near 90%.

So what keeps this new and exciting information, which should have won a Nobel Prize by now, from being universally accepted and out of the general public’s eye? Fear! That’s right, the very thing that this technique was designed to eliminate is what prescriptions holds it back. Talk about a catch-22. Ironic isn’t it. It works too well and it works too quickly and the world of psychotherapy is not set up financially for a therapy that works quickly. What would happen to a therapist’s income if they could cure a patient in just a few sessions instead of dragging the patient’s therapy sessions on for months and even years if they take insurance, using methods steeped in tradition and old ideas that have never really been effective? Or even worse, what if the patients knew how to fix themselves?

One thing for sure, whenever tradition is threatened you can expect resistance. Think about it, regardless of the money issues, if you have spent 8 or 9 years of your life studying a subject in college, and even if the methods and techniques you learned have never been very effective, you might show resistance to new ideas that show what you’d spent all that time learning was mostly useless and ineffective.

Add all that to the fact that most humans just don’t embrace change, it’s a wonder anyone knows about these new advances. So it is certainly understandable why those trained in the old traditional methods resist change, and it’s certainly understandable why the drug companies would rather keep you in the dark. Yes, it is understandable, but to me it is totally and completely unacceptable!! It is because of this resistance that millions of people, what I call the emotionally walking wounded, are suffering needlessly with poor therapy and grossly over prescribed dangerous drugs.

The Test

Only truly arrogant or incredibly ignorant individuals would ignore or simply dismiss a technique so easily demonstrated to work with such an enormous success rate. I would gladly challenge any therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, who still denigrates and dismisses these methods as mere pseudoscience and bunk, to appear with me on any national talk show. Using audience members that we agree have a major phobia (we should be able to easily find at least 10) we can divide them into two groups, you take 5 and I’ll take five, we can each spend maybe 20 minutes with our group and then report the results.

*Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, in a report released on July 24, 2008 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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