How It Works


The technique basically uses specific energy meridians of the human body (the computer keyboard of the emotional system) to turn off the alarm signals attached to specific thought patterns in the brain. It’s as simple as taking a moment to think about what bothers you (bringing up the program), hitting the keys in the right order or code sequence, and the program is changed. Result? No more upset and in most cases with lasting results. It’s so easy I can teach the basics to a 5 year old in just minutes. A full blown phobia can be cured, that’s right I said, ”cured” in anywhere from one to ten minutes depending on whether it is trauma based or not. The success rate is staggering, near 90%.


It is not yet fully understood why or what is happening to facilitate such instant and dramatic changes. Some researchers speculate that the process of stimulating certain energy meridians on the body in a specific sequence or code while thinking an upsetting thought, filters or removes the spikes or surges in the electrical thought field, thus no longer triggering the “alarms.” Some think that the process sends a safety signal to the brain that neutralizes the old fear signal.

Research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health seems to support the latter theory. Their research reported in November 7, 2002, Nature; stated that rats normally freeze with fear when they hear a tone they have been conditioned to associate with an electric shock. Dr. Gregory Quirk and Mohammed Milad, Ponce School of Medicine, Puerto Rico, have demonstrated that electrically stimulating a site in the front part of the brain, the prefrontal cortex, extinguishes this fear response by mimicking the brain’s
own “safety signal.” Since the prefrontal cortex is known to project to the amygdala, a hub of fear memory deep in the brain, the researchers propose that increased activity of infralimbic neurons in the prefrontal cortex strengthens memory of safety by inhibiting the amygdala’s memory of fear.

They speculate that stimulating parts of the prefrontal cortex in anxiety disorder patients, using and experimental technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation, might help control fear.

Personally I don’t really care if pushing a few keys on they body’s keyboard while accessing a troubled thought, erases an alarm causing spike in the brain’s electrical pattern, or sends a safety signal that over rides the old alarm signal. As long as it produces such dramatic and lasting results of expanding our comfort zone, who cares?


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