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Gary L. Laundre PhD

Gary L. Laundre, Ph.D.In 1987 Gary Laundre earned his doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and Comparative Religion. While at the same time, he served as an English teacher at southern California’s Hollywood Academy, helping newcomers to America become well acquainted with the English language.

His interest in helping people overcome personal challenges continued in other ways. Gary began work on his own manuscript for a book that would eventually change the way thousands of people deal with their eating habits. The result is the highly acclaimed book, “Think & Grow Thin,” published in 1994.

Think and Grow Thin TMBy this time, Gary Laundre was settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he developed a successful behavioral therapy practice. Here, he personally helped thousands of clients to lose weight, stop smoking, and successfully deal with phobias, fears, and anxiety issues. Gary’s techniques focus on both the mind and the body working together as a team to produce the best results. His dedication to quality has produced a steady stream of professional and private referrals to his practice over the last quarter century.

Gary Laundre’s dedication to the community and its health has prompted a steady stream of radio interviews, television specials and magazine articles internationally. As past president of the International Association of Therapeutic Specialists, (a non-profit organization) Dr. Gary Laundre helped to pioneer efforts to integrate varied healing techniques into mainstream medicine.

Expand Your Comfort Zone - BookHis internet column, “Health Reviews by Dr. Gary Laundre” helped serve as a conduit to his international audience. It offered his readership a means and a guide to find the highest quality and most effective solutions available in the health industry.

In 2001, Dr. Gary Laundre authored a new book, “How to Expand Your Comfort Zone – Release the Fear That Holds You Back.” This book has helped thousands of people to become aware of the strength and resiliency of the mind-body system to release fear, anxiety, and other issues in order to live a more comfortable life. Dr. Laundre’s newest book, “The Happiness Code,” is a culmination of 25 years of his work to help people to help themselves live a better, happier life.

Mind Tuning IconDr. Laundre continues to live and work as a behavioral therapist at the American Institute, which he founded. He travels extensively throughout the United States providing workshops on many college campuses while demonstrating the powerful capabilities of the human mind.

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